Lieutenant Baer's Chariot

All Terrain Surface Exploration Vehicle


The “Chariot” was the real work horse of the expedition once the mission had landed on Mars. Designed to be collapsible similar to a Lunar Rover, the Chariot can provide transport over most geological surfaces with its track of 4-ply rubber-covered nylon belting with tubular steel grousers and is even amphibious. On-board computers, force-field generator, scanners, laser blasters, interior cargo space, exterior safari racks, extra seats and climate control allows the crew to survive scorching and freezing temperatures. The Chariot’s communication array provides an essential link between planetary, interplanetary and deep-space signals.


Designed and developed to be an all-terrain state-of-the-art paramilitary armored vehicle to support the group of terraforming colonists on Mars, in their mission to peacefully coexist with the indigenous life-forms.

Lieutenant Baer's Chariot

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